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Kindred Spirits
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Kindred Spirits

The Quest for Love & Friendship

Kindred Spirits are special friends who encourage our growth,
enrich our self-esteem and by their presence give comfort.

Friendships bring out the best in us. They teach us something about love and life that nothing else can. Kindred Spirits make a mutual agreement to nurture the spirit. Imagine what would be possible if you had several people committed to helping you make your dreams come true? 

The human spirit needs to evolve. Only a change in spirit will transform the world. Time to gather together to co-create a critical mass of consciousness. We will make a world of difference one act of kindness at a time, one relationship at a time.

The presentation is an ideal way to kick off your conference, seminar or retreat. This lively session promotes a sense of community. The presentation will be a blend of information, insights, story telling, skill-building activities, engaging discussions, interactive exercises, action plans and surprises. 

Each session is customized to the conference theme and the needs of the audience. This presentation is guaranteed to be inspiring, entertaining and humorous.

Free Handouts:

Sample Topics

#1 Kindred Spirits
Creating Community
Becoming a Kindred Spirit
Mutuality & The Quest
Essential Social Skills
Circles of Kindred Spirits

#2 Virtues
Acts of Love
Virtue Centered Relationships
High Level Integrity
The Point System
Forgiveness & Bestowing Grace

#3 Love Skills
Kinds of Love
Seven Fold Path
Love History
Magic of Appreciation
Fear of Losing Love

#4 Deep Intimacy
Nurturing  & Vitamin T 
Shyness, Loneliness and Rejection
Revealing the Secret Self
Healing the Blocks to Intimacy

#5 Effective Communication
Skills & Kills
Body Language
Empathy & Engagement
Feedback & Care-Frontation
Emotions in Motion 

#6 Friends and Fun
A Lighthearted Sense of Humor
Laughing at Life
The Adventures of Saturn Man
Pleasure & Joy
Scarcity to Abundance & U-Turns

#7 On the Path
Love as a Spiritual Path
The Energy Centers
Travel Tips
A Reverence for the Earth
Awareness to Action


Learn the art of friendship with self, friends, mate, parents, children and nature.
Experience the joy of friendship.
Learn social skills to enrich relationships.
Make new friends and build support systems.
Create a community for healing and growth to enrich the spirit.
Develop skills to deal with shyness, loneliness and rejection.
Awaken to a deeper level of intimacy.
Discover a vision for a brighter future.
Practice the virtues of Kindred Spirits.
Double the love and laughter in our lives.
Explore the edges of kindness and generosity.
Generate the kind of love needed to heal the planet.

Set your life on fire. 
Seek those who fan your flame.


Sample Activities

Chief Baba
Common Ground
Esteem Team
Friends for Life
Guardian Angels
Heart to Heart
Kindred Spirits Awards
Love Letters
Mutual Mentors
Natural Attraction
On the Path
Yes to Life!


Audience Comments

"As a newcomer I felt welcomed into the conference community." 
"I attended by myself and left with several new friendships." 
I feel that I gained useful skills that I can use if I am out on a date or home with a mate."
"My heart opened. The seminar was a masterpiece, pure inspiration."
"I have found my Kindred Spirits, I no longer  feel like a stranger in a strange land."
"Friendship raised to the level of a sacrament."
"Now that I understand the language of love, I can move from being lonely to loved." 
"I learned how to develop mutually nurturing relationships." 
"A message of hope for humankind, light years ahead of it's time."
"Kindred Spirits did more than just break the ice, it was a fire starter. This was the best way to kick off our conference. The effect lasted all week."

Bob Czimbal 
Since 1970, Bob has delivered dynamic presentations to international conferences, corporations, small businesses, universities, hospitals and government agencies. Bob Czimbal's professional career includes work as a Sociologist, Community Planner and founder of the Cherry Grove Retreat Center. Currently he is director of Skills for Success. Bob delivers a universal, lighthearted message about success, health and happiness. 

Bob is author and publisher of: The F.I.T.ness Game, Stress Survival Kit, Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch, Kindred Spirits and The Birthday Appreciation Kit.