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On the Path
... compassionate counseling

On the Path is a blend of counseling, consulting and coaching services. Sessions range from one to four hours in length. Clients appreciate being able to decide how much time they need to go deep. Evening and weekend sessions are available for your convenience.

Counseling, consulting, coaching - Bob Czimbal - Portland, Oregon

In order to grow fast,
one needs to be open,
strong, flexible and
like bamboo,
so one can dance
with the windstorms of life.

In addition to offering guidance with traditional issues I assist people in skill building in these areas:

Strengthening Communication Skills

Deepening Intimacy and Sexuality

Fostering Spirituality
Enriching Love Skills

Resolving Core Conflicts
Enhancing Sense of Humor
Building Self-Esteem
Managing Stress and Energy Levels
Developing High Level Wellness
Creating Rites of Passage

I enjoy supporting people through life’s transformations during crisis or course correction. My intention is to assist you in moving forward on your path. We will create action plans to make your dreams come true. Our time together will be a wise investment in your future.

Since 1972, Bob has been a counselor in private practice. His professional career includes work as a Sociologist, Community Planner and founder of the Cherry Grove Retreat Center. Currently he is the director of Abundance Company and developer of Skills for Success, a management training system.

Bob is the author and publisher of:
The F.I.T.ness Game: Everybody Plays...Everybody Wins!
Stress Survival Kit: 52 Stress Management Tools
Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch
Kindred Spirits: The Quest for Love and Friendship
The Birthday Appreciation Kit: 30 Days of Celebration